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1001, 2018

Seeking Art History That is Temporarily Overlooked

Focusing on established but under-appreciated artists enables us to avoid the speculation and risks that come with chasing the “white hot” up-and-coming artists of the moment. As longtime gallerist Thea Westreich Wagner’s says, “Let’s get to the real issue: Sooner or later, the art world comes to its senses. Some artists look interesting for a period, maybe it’s a month or maybe it’s a year, but what happens is that things sort themselves out.”

509, 2017

To Infinity and Beyond

Decades before Disney’s courageous Buzz Lightyear coined this famous mantra, the artist Yayoi Kusama was developing and refining her own interpretations of infinity and what going to it and beyond might look like.

506, 2017

The First of Many?

The First of Many? The Wall Street Journal recently anointed the Venice Biennale and the concurrent fairs throughout the city as “The Olympics of the Art World.” Over the course of six months every two [...]

501, 2017

Were Asian Contemporary Artists Overlooked?

Were Asian Contemporary Artists Overlooked? In early 2010, we saw our first painting by the Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga. We were blown away by the intensity, the beauty, and the technique he used to paint: [...]