1006, 2019

The Art Fair is Alive and Thriving

The Art Fair is Alive and Thriving As an avid art collector and fair goer, I was curious to experience Art Basel’s Hong Kong rendition given all the recent commentary about art fair fatigue, dilution [...]

1101, 2019

Mark Tobey: An Update

Mark Tobey: An Update With the opening of the highly praised solo exhibition at Pace Gallery, Mark Tobey, collectors and audiences have begun to question why one of the best known and internationally respected artists [...]

1001, 2018

Seeking Art History That is Temporarily Overlooked

Focusing on established but under-appreciated artists enables us to avoid the speculation and risks that come with chasing the “white hot” up-and-coming artists of the moment. As longtime gallerist Thea Westreich Wagner’s says, “Let’s get to the real issue: Sooner or later, the art world comes to its senses. Some artists look interesting for a period, maybe it’s a month or maybe it’s a year, but what happens is that things sort themselves out.”